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Starting a business can stir up all kinds of emotions – Happiness, excitement, and pride are just a few of the positive vibes you will feel at the beginning of your journey. But, as much as we don’t want to admit it, starting a new business isn’t all rainbows and roses. The beginning can also be the most intimidating part. You’re starting from scratch with a small network and an even smaller budget. Is it possible to reach your ideal clients without breaking the bank?

The answer is yes! The tools are already in front of you and they’re free! Read on for three free ways to turn your social media accounts into your new favorite marketing tools!

1 // Extend the Reach of Your Posts

Your main goal on social media should be to create as much traction as possible. Anyone can post about their business, but the ones that really succeed are the ones that take time to kick it up a notch. If used correctly, the tagging and check-in features on Facebook and Instagram can be extremely effective.

For example, let’s pretend that you are a florist and you post a picture of a wedding bouquet that you created. While that’s a good thing to do, you can make it even better by tagging other professionals that the couple hired to make their day so special. By tagging others, you’ll end up smack dab in front of their clients, who may very well be looking for a florist for their upcoming events!

Checking-in at places will also allow you to reach more potential clients by spreading the visibility of the post. If you’re in the wedding industry, make sure to check-in at every wedding venue you’re involved with. When others look up wedding venues, your Facebook post may appear!

Another great tip? Allow your followers to do the work for you. When you run a giveaway, include an incentive for people to share the post on their personal page or tag their friends. This creates a massive web of exposure with little effort from you.

You will also want to strategically leverage the marketing tools of each specific platform. Instagram is famous for using hashtags, so you’ll want to include those in your posts. Make sure to also take advantage of the more personalized tools, like Instagram stories, Instagram TV, and Instagram Live. Likewise, if you’re posting on Pinterest, place a heavy emphasis on keywords. Remember to take time to think about what your potential clients will be searching for and use those keywords in your posts.

2 // Create Champions

Past clients can lead the way to future clients. Continue to build strong relationships with your former clients, even after the final sale has been made. Contact them just to say hello or to check in on how their service or product is working for them. As you do this, they’ll feel more connected to you and will want to see your business grow!

Ask your clients to share their experiences on social media and to also tag your business in their posts. Your clients surround themselves with like-minded people, allowing you to reach potential clients with similar wants and needs. You may also entice your clients to share their reviews by extending a special offer, such as an exclusive percent off your products for a limited time.

The marketing doesn’t end once your client posts their experience. After they post their review, share their words on your social media feeds. Show others what the buzz is about!

3 // Get Involved in Social Media Groups

There is a social media group out there for everything! Step outside of your comfort zone and seek a connection with a new group of similar business minds. On Facebook, search for groups that align with your industry. On Instagram, connect with people who are servicing the same ideal client for you. By connecting, you’ll show up to potential clients on the Explore page.

Remember – It takes a village! If you want to get support from others in the industry, you are going to need to give support, too. Don’t just expect people to share your work and announcements. Offer to share theirs as well! You can also team up with others to collaborate on giveaways or special offers that will boost your visibility even more.

Spreading the word about your business doesn’t have to be an expensive, time-consuming task. As you begin to extend the reach of your posts, create champions, and become involved in social media groups, you’ll find yourself in front of more and more potential clients. Embrace social media as a great marketing tool for your business and let it work for you!



3 Free Ways to Spread the Word About Your New Business on Social Media


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