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I’m always surprised to hear that many photographers don’t follow up with their clients for a review. When I ask why, their answer is usually something like “I don’t want to bother them”, or “I don’t really have a need”. After some more conversation, I realize that maybe the reason many photographers don’t ask for a review is because they haven’t measured the value of a review, and how those words could be used to further represent their business. Maybe in the past, they’ve received a review on Google or some wedding website, read it once and then left it there for the world to find on its own.

Your past clients’ experiences are valuable to the FUTURE of your business! Here are three ways you can make the most of your client reviews…

1 // Feature on your website – When we’re about to drop money on something – a car, furniture for our home, a computer, etc., we don’t just rely on the words of the seller. We want to know if other clients had a positive or negative experience before we make such an investment. Well, what do we think engaged couples are doing as they check out all of our websites? They’re not only looking for beautiful examples of our work. They’re seeking some kind of reassurance that their experience with us will be worth every penny. By including those thoughtful reviews alongside images from a client’s special day, the bride or groom visiting our website is able to start making an emotional connection to our work and will even start envisioning themselves as our clients!

2 // Include in responses to new inquiries – One of the biggest mistakes we can make in communication with new inquiries is sending over pricing without any other value proposition. In this scenario, we are letting our pricing speak FOR us and it’s saying “Hey what’s up? I’m worth this much money. You should hire me”. Woah, woah, WOAH. If you’ve ever photographed a wedding before, you know that your value can be measured in a myriad of ways, not just with dollar signs. So, how can you demonstrate more value in your response? Include a link to reviews so that this potential client can begin measuring their investment based on far more than a price tag. >> I also highly recommend hopping on a call before letting an email represent you – but that’s a topic for a whole other blog post or private mentor session! <<

3 // Share on social media – Have you ever seen a photo on Instagram or Facebook and you’re immediately drawn in? You want to know more about the subjects. You want to know their story. You want to know why they’re laughing, crying, or celebrating. You suddenly feel connected to them. Now imagine if alongside that image was a caption with their actual words. Words that told their story, shared their true emotions and experiences from that very day. How powerful would that be? Remember that your clients wrote a review because they want to support you and your development as a photographer and business owner. They appreciate you, believe in you and they want to help you bring more joy to future clients. So celebrate that kind of support and share their worlds with the world!



3 Ways to Use Client Reviews


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