Romantic Prompts & Posing Flash Cards


A wedding photographer’s work is never done. Even if you are one of the best in the business, there is always room to step up your creativity game. But, how? Below we discuss five creative ways to study romantic portraiture. There’s sure to be something that you can use in your practice!

1 // Read Romantic Novels

Romantic novels have been around for decades. Getting lost in a great romance story can spark your creativity by forcing you to use your imagination and visualize romantic interaction. You can leverage these visuals when photographing the couple.

Romance novels are also about the whole story, not just a single moment in time. Similar to novels, invest yourself in your clients’ entire love story, rather than just the engagement or wedding shoot. Learn their history, including how they fell in love and got engaged. You can use this information to capture their full truth on camera.

2 // Observe Love in Public

You don’t have to go far to experience love. Simply pay close attention to how those in love around you physically interact. Watch how they move, how they hold each other, and how they cuddle. These details can become a part of the prompts and poses that you can use when giving direction to your subjects. These observations can also help when you’re feeling like your traditional poses are stale and are looking for something unique.

3 // Watch Romantic Movies

Believe it or not, watching Titanic or The Notebook may be very beneficial to your photography career. Actors in romance movies are trained to be affectionate. While your clients aren’t actors, watching a romantic movie serves as another great opportunity to observe enhanced love and physical/emotional interaction.

Studying romantic movies also gives you the opportunity to pay close attention to curated signs and shows of affection. Examine how the lead actors embrace each other throughout the movie. You may find Jack & Rose inspiring your next shoot!

4 // Practice Poses & Prompts

Practice makes perfect, right? Grab your significant other to practice some poses that you’d like to try with your clients. It is important to do this because even though a pose may seem like a great idea, it could be uncomfortable, unrealistic, or awkward in real life.

You can also ask a couple that you are friends with to test some new poses. Ask them for feedback: Was your direction clear? Did they enjoy it? What could you have done better? Practicing poses also allows you to practice the technical side of your craft. You can try new things with the settings on your camera without the added stress of working with clients.

Still feeling forgetful and a bit lost behind the camera? No worries. I’m sharing my FREE romantic prompts & posing flash card set for you to download, print, and bring along during your next portrait session (click below). Next time you’re photographing an engagement, love session, and couples portraits at a wedding, take a quick peek at these cards and let your creativity unfold!

5 // Ask a Recent Client Questions

Sometimes the best advice can come from past clients. It is crucial to consider other people’s perspectives. Contact a recent client and ask which of their photos are their favorite and why. This feedback can teach you how to better identify meaningful, and meaningless, moments.

As you can see, creativity is all around. Whether it’s in the form of a book, novel, or movie, you can discover new and easy ways to improve your craft. Try these ideas at your next photo shoot to really ramp up the creativity and capture more passionate images for your clients to cherish!



5 Creative Ways to Study & Improve Your Romantic Portraiture + my FREE Prompts & Posing Flash Cards


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