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Brides and grooms usually envision their wedding days as slow and leisurely marches towards the aisle—where there’s time for lounging and pictures here and there as they idly watch the clock in anticipation for the ceremony. 

But most of the time, that vision is pretty incorrect—sorry, ya’ll! 

And that means that as the wedding photographer, you’re going to be pressed for time to get what you need. Even if things are going according to schedule, the wedding party is pumped and that can make it tricky to get and keep everyone’s attention. So you’ve really got to work to make sure you exceed your couples’ expectations by capturing the images they want of their friends. 

Anyone else been there? I’ve waved my arms and no one noticed. I’ve gathered a group but then had to move on because the makeup artists arrived. And I’ve gotten everyone’s attention only to lose it over an inside joke that just keeps on giving. And it makes sense! Wedding days are joyful days filled with loved ones and important tasks. I TOTALLY get it and love being a part of that. 

But with the pressure of picture-reveals loaming, it’s easy to go into a wedding day feeling stressed, anxious, and flustered about getting what you need. And you may even leave feeling disappointed in yourself because you couldn’t seem to consistently find your flow and are now a little concerned about what’s in your camera roll. 

I’ve lived that—oh, how I’ve lived that!

But here’s what finally took that weight off my shoulders and ensured that I could confidently capture the special moments of my clients’ wedding day . . . 

I went in with a plan.

Yep, and it changed everything! It sounds so simple, but it drastically shifted how I engaged with my couples and their wedding parties. 

And it can do the same for you!

Going in with a plan and making that plan a consistent routine in how you normally handle bridesmaid photos going forward will allow you to lead and direct everyone more confidently (because you have a plan, you’ve done it before, and you know it’s what gets you the results your clients crave). 

You’ll walk into the day feeling organized and prepared! 

You’ll impress the group with your on-point decisions (which is always a bonus when any one of those bridesmaids could be getting married in the near future and be needing a photographer—hint, hint). 

And you’ll have time to actually be present and let your creativity flow. 

Without a plan, you wobble between knowing what to do and not being sure you can pull it off. When you go into your couple’s wedding day with a plan in place for bridesmaid portraits, you can confidently and creatively carry it out. 

So please don’t spend another wedding day trying to utilize the finger-whistle maneuver you sort of learned during summer camp. It’s really, really not necessary!

Download and implement my “A Wedding Photographer’s Step-by-Step Plan for Bridesmaid Portraits” and walk confidently into weddings knowing you’ve totally got this!



A Wedding Photographer’s Step-by-Step Plan for Bridesmaid Portraits + My Free Guide


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