Are You Marketing or Just Managing Your Photography Business?

When you think about marketing, how do you feel? 




So over it?

Maybe that’s because . . . 

You have the social media platforms for your business that all the experts say you need. 

You figured out how to create an Instagram profile that aligns with your brand and represents who you are and what you do. 

You set up a Facebook group for all your clients and those interested in your business.

You have a blog on your website and try to publish relevant content.

You’re really trying to make your online presence known—posting, sharing, commenting, updating info . . . ALL OF THE THINGS.

But after all that time and energy, you’re still NOT getting the inquiries you desire. And that, plus the turtle-paced growth you’re experiencing, has you totally in the creative-entrepreneur dumps.  

Because honestly, where should you be focusing to maximize your reach?

And how should you be spending your limited time and energy to expand your business’ footprint?

Because your current marketing strategy is obviously NOT cutting it, and you’re frustrated and tired of your efforts not reaping the rewards you were expecting. 

Ugh, that feeling is awful! And I know it’s hard to believe that things can be better—feels pretty impossible, huh?

But I need you to stick with me. I’m going to be real with you because I care about you and want you to succeed. 

So take a deep breath and be prepared to hear some tough things—I promise it’ll be worth it!

Keeping up with your business accounts and remaining “active” is NOT marketing.

Yup, I said it.

I know—I’m sorry, but it’s true! What you’re doing right now is important, but it’s not active marketing. What you’re currently doing is keeping things status quo. You’re giving your audience and followers what they signed up for, which of course is a key part of your business’ success, but it’s not going to hugely impact your growth goals. #sorry

If your goal is to reach new ideal clients who are interested in hiring you for your services and/or buying your products, then you have to start thinking outside of the box.

Yep, you guessed it—that means doing something different. Something MORE. You need to ask yourself how you can get what you’re sharing, posting, and blogging directly in front of your ideal audience. And that won’t happen simply by pushing “publish” or “post.” (We all wish it was that easy!)

You need a new marketing strategy to grow your business to its potential. 

What you’ve been doing is keeping your business static and you safe (and also really disappointed in the results). It may seem easier, but it’s not getting you to where you want to be. So that means it’s time for a new marketing strategy—one that pushes you outside your comfort zone and challenges you to think creatively about your business and how to work with the clientele you’ve been dreaming out. 

Are you ready to admit that you’ve been managing your business but not really marketing it? 

Maybe you’re still not quite sure about the difference and how to make the switch. 

No problem! Access my free “The Photographer’s Marketing v. Managing Challenge” that’ll move you away from simply managing your creative business’ online presence to challenging yourself to market it and get your content in front of the RIGHT people!

Are You Marketing or Just Managing Your Photography Business?


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