Editing can be fun. At first. You pour your coffee, spread that buttah on your bagel, and sit down to dive into a creative editing sesh. That is, until you catch a glimpse of the clock and realize it’s suddenly 3:00 pm, you have only edited 24 photos and you still have about 3,000 left. The fun has evaporated. Stress starts to rise.

I have been there and I know those torn feelings of loving the creative process but hating that it holds you back from dedicating your valuable time to other areas of your business. This is why I have become in love with creating and using my Signature Collection of color and black and white presets. After pulling my images into Lightroom or ACR, I quickly apply my preset of choice and then make minor tweaks for export.

I’ve worked hard over the years to create an editing style that fits somewhere in between light/airy and dark/moody. I have found my sweet spot and I’m ready to share my custom presets with those of you who desire a similar finished look to your images! These presets will allow you to streamline your editing workflow and achieve the style you long for in your portfolio.

AL – C 01

This is my most commonly used color preset. With simplified greens and yellows, a clean contrast, soft skin tones and a matted finish, the AL – C 01 preset continues to be an absolute favorite of mine. I use this preset for almost all of my naturally lit portrait and wedding images.

AL – C 02

When natural lighting was minimal or flash was used, I turn to AL – C 02 for additional depth, stronger contrast, controlled saturation and hues, and faded shadows. This preset can be the perfect image saver!

AL – BW 01

A cool tinted, classic black and white with an added matte and sprinkle of grain. I use the AL – BW 01 preset very often in my workflow, especially when I’d like to make an image feel more intimate and emotional.

AL – BW 02

This black and white preset is on the creamier side with a heavier grain and thicker matte. I tend to use this preset for reception images and simply adjust the exposure and shadows for a great fit. It provides a stronger contrast and adds a creative, film-like vibe to the frame.



My Signature Collection of Editing Presets are HERE!


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