Registering for baby gear was a tough experience for me. First, how was I supposed to know what I need when I wasn’t a mama yet and clueless about what’s to come? Also, WHY ARE THERE SO MANY OPTIONS?

It wasn’t until I was thrown into the thick of motherhood, trial-and-erroring every product around until I was able to really determine what we need and don’t need. I recommend chatting with experienced moms and picking their brains as you build your registry. Here’s my brain picked, with my favorite functional (and cute) items…

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// Strollers + Carriers


The BABYBJORN Baby Carrier is something we use all of the time. Keeping my daughter in her stroller really irks me sometimes, especially since she is so young and her head is in the process of rounding out or potentially flattening. If we are out running errands and the temperature is cooperating, I prefer to carry her comfortably in the BJORN. It allows her to look around more, work on her neck muscles and feel closer to me!

After some research and conversations with local mom friends, we decided on the Chico Keyfit Car Seat and Stroller. We have nothing but positive things to say about this decision! One thing I’d love to point out is how easy the stroller is to pop open and close. It also flattens like a pancake for easy storage in the car!

We tried a couple of different winter car seat covers before falling in love with this Cozy Cover. I really didn’t like how the first couple options we tried either required us to have thick material under our daughter’s body (which would make her WAY too hot when we were grooving around indoors) or had fabric that would just fall on her face as the “cover”. This cover is so simple and just pops right on the top of the car seat creating warmth, protection and breathable space for our little one!

If you are out running errands and your babe passes out, you can simply throw the cover on and not have to worry about bright lights interrupting nap time. I love this cost friendly (and really cute) cover because it also converts to a nursing top. I’m all for that dual functionality!

I wanted a carrier that was comfy and simple to wear around our home. A friend recommended the Wild Bird Sling and YES. It’s literally perfect. Super easy to throw on and cozy for the baby with a beautiful design.

// Feeding

Someone once told me that if we buy a lot of anything, let it be diapers and burp cloths. They were NOT kidding. I’m constantly reaching for a clean burp cloth and have exclusively started using these Green Sprouts Muslin Burp Cloths. They are super soft, the perfect shape and lay on your shoulder nicely without falling off (bending over with a baby is a pain in the…).

We haven’t started using high chairs yet but we have had our friends and family try out the two we purchased when they’ve visited. Both scored their approval! We plan to use the Inglesina Fast Table Chair when we travel since I have an obsession with packing light and this chair is as light and simple as they come. We’ll use the Joovy Nook High Chair at home. Its basic design fits right into the look of our kitchen and with one button it collapses to throw into storage if necessary.

Our daughter is two and half months old and a very happy spitter. For a while, I was just changing her outfit every time she made a mess but I quickly realized that this made our laundry situation a neverending nightmare. I just throw on one of these Bandana Bibs and she’s stylin’ and good to go!

Every baby’s preferences are different when it comes to nipple size and shape so I think choosing the bottles and nipples is a little game of trial and error. We found that our daughter gravitates to the Medela product line and recommend giving their bottles/nipples a whirl! I also use the Medela pump which I absolutely love! Here is the one I have: Medela Bundle. The added bonus with this bundle is that you get a pretty great travel bag to grab on the go!

We travel quite a bit to visit family and I like to bring along a couple bottles for the road. This little cooler is the perfect size to throw in my bag!

Okay, so I know this Hands-Free Breast Pump Bra looks really weird, but you will wear it with pride and relief once you start using your pump machine often. Holding those cups on your ladies is a pain in the rear! This bra will make breast pumping a heck of a lot less tedious.

When nursing is your new life, it’s nice to wear something that is as cute as it is functional. I’m LOVING these Lace Racerback Nursing Bras from Motherhood!

// Bathing

Bath time is my absolute favorite. There is just something about getting my little babe clean, smellin’ yummy and covered with smooth skin that makes me so happy. Cuddling her in a warm, furry Critter Bath Wrap is such a sweet moment that totally melts me. The high quality of this towel continues to amaze me. No matter how many times you wash it, the fluff and comfort never disappear.

We have two options for our daughter’s bath. The first, the Puj Tub, is what we throw in the car if we are traveling. It folds completely flat and fits most smaller sinks. At home, we love to use our Angelcare Bath. It works great right in our kitchen farm sink and is super comfortable for our girl!

It was very important to me that the skincare we chose to use was natural and safe. I also wanted something that would hydrate our daughter’s skin, especially since she was born in the dry thickness of winter. The Tubby Todd product line was recommended to me and I was immediately hooked on trying it. The lavender rosemary scent is so soothing that I now use the lotion for myself!

// Sleep

Every baby has different preferences, especially when it comes to sleep. It’s like a secret code that can take awhile to crack. But when you do, ohhhh it’s the best! One of the toughest decisions to make is how to dress your little one for a comfy night of sleep. For our daughter, the full arm swaddle was a no go. She would fight that thing with every part of her being so it wasn’t long before I was on the search for swaddles that allowed for arms out! These HALO Sleep Saks are the perfect solution because they can be worn with or without arms tucked in! Also, they have a velcro closure which means no crazy ridiculous origami projects in the middle of the night!

Constantly changing the crib sheets will become your new hobby, especially if your babe is a happy spitter! These Ely’s & Co Jersey Crib Sheets are so soft, have cute designs, and are made of breathable material!

We found that the basic sound of white noise made with this classic Dohm is hands down the best. We gave a couple other sound machines a try but found that animal and outdoor noises would occasionally wake up our daughter. It wasn’t long before we were trading those in for the Dohm and watching our girl finally get some uninterrupted sleep.

When you bring your bundle of joy home from the hospital, you’ll want him or her close to you all through the day and night. The HALO Bassinet is perfect for comfort and quick access to your love!

We researched our tooshes off in search of a baby monitor that would be the right fit for our family. We landed on this Motorola MBP36XL Portable 5″ Video Baby Monitor and so far we are really happy campers about it. We wanted a monitor that has a large display, the ability to read room temperature, good tilt and zoom capabilities, two-way capability and sensitivity to noise. This monitor checks all those boxes and some. We are also thrilled that this monitor will expand to up to 4 cameras. This feature will come in really handy as our family continues to grow.

// Clothing

Onesies. Your life will be filled with so many damn onesies. Save yourself from living in front of your washer and dryer, and register for a few extra sets! These white Gerber Onesies are our go to.

Zutanos are THE. BEST. All those cute little shoes you’ve wanted with the buttons or ties – yup, those will go right into the giveaway pile once you realize you don’t have even an extra second to waste putting them on. These Zutano Fleece Booties are life. SO easy to slip onto your baby’s feet and they take less than a second to snap closed. Your welcome.

Pajamas with MAGNETS. I don’t even know how to express the extent to which I love this invention. You are going to be tired. Real tired. Especially at 2:00 am when you’re changing a diaper and trying to bundle your baby back up without having to close buttons or search for the zipper. The Magnetic Me Pajamas are so simple to close, allowing your baby to continue snoozin’ while you finish getting them suited up for the rest of their night.

Those itty bitty baby nails can get really long and sharp real fast. Finding that your little one clawed at their face during the night will absolutely break your heart. These no scratch mittens slip right over the hands!

// Nursery


There’s nothing like being tiptoeing out of your baby’s room, only to wake them up with the annoyingly loud door latch! STRUGGLE. For a while, I was using a little towel to place between the door and frame as an attempt to soften the noise of the door closing, before coming across the brilliant invention of the Latchy Catchy! Much better looking than a raggedy old towel with its super cute fabric design! And works like a charm for a silent door close.

You’re going to need a serious amount of closet storage. It’s actually pretty terrifying how many pieces of clothing, blankets, shoes, hair accessories, stuffed animals, etc. that your little one will hoard! These fabric closet hanging storage units are simple in design and have plenty of shelves to organize everything onto!

I’m going to just be honest. You have a lot, and I mean a lot, of poop explosions and pee situations headed your way. That cute changing pad you bought will be destroyed if you don’t add a little liner on top of it. We’ve been really happy with these white waterproof changing pad liners!

Who knew that such tiny humans could accumulate SO much laundry. It’s fascinating, but at the same time really frustrating when it’s piled all over the floor. We originally had a cute little basket acting as a hamper in the nursery. HA. That lasted all of about 5 minutes. We quickly realized we needed something bigger that was easy to carry to and from the laundry machines. This canvas storage bag is perfect!

The nights are filled with feeding, comforting and loving your little one. The late hours call for walking to and from the kitchen, nursery, and restroom. You don’t want to be running into walls or tripping over anything that’s in your way so I definitely recommend a good nightlight. We originally had a bunch of plugins around the house, but I quickly realized that I needed something different for the areas of our home where I was going to be nursing. I needed something that I could adjust from dim to bright with a soft quiet touch. I discovered these VAVA Touch Control night lights and I LOVE THEM. I keep one in our room on my nightstand and the other beside the glider in the nursery.

// Seats

When your little one starts sitting up like a champ, you’ll want to keep them up and enjoying their wake time vertically. This time away from the laying position will help their head continue to round and allow them to move and groove as they exert more energy (and hopefully feel more tired for bedtime!). The Bumbo seat is perfect for this! It offers the extra lower body support that will allow your babe to feel safe while he or she plays!

There will come a time when your baby realizes their cute, chubby little legs are meant for moving but they won’t quite have the strength or balance to dive right into walking. This is when the Joovy Spoon Walker will be a total hit! It will help hold up your little one and allow them to start using and building those leg muscles!

// Other

We tried out a few different brands of pacifiers and kept coming back to Philips AVENT!

You will lose pacifiers like it’s your job, and you’ll also lose your mind searching high and low for them. Do yourself and your little one a favor and register for some of some adorable life-saving pacifier clips. We love the Honeyed Pacifier Clips and the Teether Wooden Clips!

Life as a Mom or Dad is a giant juggling act. So much stuff but only so many hands to hold it all. This Stroller Hook allows you to hang all your stuff neatly on your stroller handle so you can give your arms a much-needed break!

The number of germs floating around stores totally freaks me out. One potentially ill person after another touches those shopping carts and spreads their yuckiness to the world. Protect your babe with this cutely designed Skip Hop Shopping Cart Cover and win at life.




Baby Registry Favorites


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