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“I created a brand because I was in a rush to get my portfolio up and my name out there. Although nice to look at, everything just don’t feel right to me. What advice do you have for someone who wants to create a consistent and unique brand that they love?”

You scrambled. You rushed. You looked at the world, thought you knew what it wanted, and you created a brand that speaks only to what is trending, to what you think they would like. Now as you sit in front of your laptop and scroll through your website and your social media accounts, you feel disconnected. This vibe of the brand you’ve chosen to wrap its arms around all your hard work is missing something and you don’t know what that is.

You feel discouraged and frustrated. You might even feel like you’re at a complete standstill, possibly contemplating if following this dream of yours was even the right thing to do. Hold up. Let me offer a new perspective and challenge you with a new approach…

Every great brand and every great business had a starting point. A place where they evolved from. You can fix this, and you will. It’s time to get in the habit of facing these bumps along your business building journey, big or small, head on because with each challenge comes an opportunity for significant growth.

So where do I think you might’ve gone wrong? Yes, of course, it makes sense to look at the world, look at your ideal client and understand their needs and desires as you create your brand, but I think you missed diving deeper into a really important step; looking inwards. You see we are creatives. Our work comes from a deeper place, a place connected to our heart. And branding – which essentially lives in every area of our business – must be done in a way that keeps us feeling connected. So as you take a look at your brand, ask yourself these questions…

1 // Why do I love what I do? If your answer is “because I love taking photos” – dig deeper. Ask yourself why over and over again until you can’t anymore. Why do you love this? Why does it ignite something so exciting and so inspiring inside of you? When you find that reason – celebrate it through your brand. Push it through every inch of your business because THAT is something unique and something you’ll continue to feel connected to going forward. Your reason for following your heart and why you’re choosing to even take on this crazy awesome journey should be celebrated all throughout your business!

2 // Does my brand represent my personal style? Plain and simple – you need to like what you see. Very often we jump into a business and we look at the top players in our market and we think our brand needs to be like theirs. Wrong. Sure, they have a strong brand, but if you try being something that’s not you, that doesn’t match your style and vibe, then aw man you are setting yourself up for a hard fall. Be honest with yourself and really think about whether or not this style you’ve chosen is true to YOU.

3 // What are my personal and business goals, and are my branding decisions pushing me in the right direction? We can get so caught up in making our business look beautiful that sometimes we forget to stop and think “wait, what direction is this branding decision moving me and my business in?” Everything from the information and imagery shown on your website and social media, to the way you communicate with clients and others in the industry – it’s all part of your brand and what represents you and your business. So are you thinking ahead? Are you demonstrating what you’re truly capable of and are you telling the world where you want to go? Or are you hiding? Future thinking is crucial and forces you to make more intentional branding decisions.



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