May 2016 Workshop!

Stowe, Vermont – Oh man. Where do I even begin with explaining my love for this day and all of the people within it?! I’m still trying to process it all – which (no surprise to anyone who attended) means I’m constantly getting emotional about it. Cry baby central up in here. Here we go a […]

May 17, 2016

5 Ways to Escape Self-Doubt

Maybe I’m alone in this. Maybe I’m the only creative who flips through amazing Instagram accounts, Pinterest boards, Facebook pages, magazine covers, blog features, etc. and instead of feeling inspired or motivated – I sometimes find myself feeling entirely defeated. My mind spirals and all of a sudden it’s filled with only the negative. Or maybe, maybe I’m not […]

April 18, 2016

How to Exceed Client Expectations

There’s nothing more rewarding than returning home from a weekend of travel and work, feeling entirely exhausted, but then opening up your email or checking your text messages to find heartfelt thank yous from clients. It’s these special notes and thoughtful reviews that fuel us to keep pushing forward. To know that we’ve brought forth this […]

March 23, 2016

3 Ways to Evoke Client Confidence

Confidence comes easy for some brides and grooms. Having a camera around doesn’t phase them one bit. They feel entirely sure of themselves and don’t think twice about how they look during portraits. I believe that everyone has this ability to reveal their true selves in front of the camera, but that some need extra help navigating […]

February 17, 2016

How to Create a Personal Brand

If you’ve been following me throughout this past year, you know I’ve experienced a little bit of an identity crisis. Here’s why – when I decided to start a full time photography business and looked around at other professionals in this industry, I figured “sure, I’ll just use my actual name like everyone else and bam – […]

February 8, 2016