Conquering Fear of Failure

“I have a website but I’m scared to publish it or market myself because I’m nervous that if I do and nothing happens, I’ll feel like I have failed versus it feeling safer to just tell people I do this on the side.” I hear you. I hear you loud and clear. I know this feeling […]

April 21, 2017

2017 Winter Retreat in the Berkshires

I’m back in Vermont from my winter retreat in the Berkshires with a full car to unpack, and full heart to celebrate! What an inspiring couple of days surrounded by determined and talented ladies. When I set out to plan this retreat, my goal was to bring creative souls together and focus on the foundations […]

February 21, 2017

Miami Vibes

I worked with a destination marketing agency last March and adventured down to Florida to capture the vibrancy and culture that is Miami. I spent a couple days getting lost in all the wild colors and history that fill the city streets and kicked off my shoes to stroll along the shoreline, documenting the famous Miami Beach boardwalk. Here are […]

January 31, 2017

Our Italy Trip

Nothing like squeezing an Italy trip into the busiest month of wedding season! Woah. In between two wedding weekends, I met my husband in Florence and it was incredible. There is so much of this world I haven’t experienced, and this time together in Italy lit a spark in me to see as much as […]

January 18, 2017

Charleston, South Carolina

It’s pretty accurate to say that traveling with me is very similar to traveling with a 3 year old. Like, I understand we’re supposed to be on some sort of agenda, I comprehend that I should be looking in front of myself while I walk through busy sidewalks and streets, but instead I lose all sense of direction and […]

March 8, 2016