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Over the years I’ve talked a lot about comfort zones. During online trainings, live seminars, coaching sessions, blog posts, and throughout the social media content I’ve shared, I’ve unraveled why I believe it is our responsibility as photographers to identify and measure these personal client spaces that exist mentally, emotionally and physically.

If your goal is to document truthful and authentic emotions and experiences, then it’s essential that you prioritize each individual client’s unique feelings.

Why? Because if you can map out the level of comfort that someone is experiencing then you can thoughtfully craft a customized and considerate client management approach. This goes for your client’s planning experience as well as their time in front of your lens during their photo session, event, or project.

A response backed up by this kind of do diligence will present you with an opportunity to strengthen a connection with your client and allow you to lead them into a more vulnerable place. A place where they will not only let you to see more of who they truly are, but a place where they will want to knock down even bigger personal walls and act from a place of more confidence.

We do not just pick up a camera and press the shutter button. We do not merely show up and get “artsy”.

Your job as a photographer is far more personal and requires a deeper dive into the minds and hearts of the people you work for. And this thorough process of understanding your clients and doing what you can to provide a more meaningful experience is needed now more than ever before.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has had a profound effect on how we socialize as a community. People are uncomfortable in close proximity to one another and they feel on edge in what were once “normal” social situations.

Not only are people feeling fearful and taking extra precautions to protect themselves, but they are also striving to keep their loved ones safe.

This drastic growth in stress, fear and anxiety alongside a flood of growing uncertainty means that we need to step to the front of our businesses and create a clear brand message and overall client experience that is filled with compassion and presents effective solutions.

How? I recommend building a concrete plan of action that will help you grow the trust of your brand (for future clients) while also elevating each and every existing client’s comfort throughout their experience working with you.

Take a step back and look at your full stream of communication with the world. From your marketing all the way through to when you deliver a final gallery. Ask yourself, “How can I make sure the following three areas of comfort have been fully confronted and reassured every step of the way?”

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MENTAL | What new facts are trickling into the minds of your existing and target clients? As they watch the news and read up about the Coronavirus on social media, what information seems to linger in their thoughts?

The details and updates they’re processing are pushing them to perceive the world differently. By wrapping your arms around what those thoughts may be, you’ll be able to create a marketing message that better controls the perception they have of your business by providing clarity about the exact solutions you have in place.

EMOTIONAL | The growing presence of the Coronavirus has certainly taken it’s toll on an emotional level as well. Sadness and fear have teamed up to form a heavy wave of gloom across your audience. Remember that you have the power to positively impact the lives of those you communicate with and serve. Seize the opportunity to become a positive part of their lives and shed light where you can.

PHYSICAL | Society has never been more aware of, or more educated about, the presence of germs. The threat of germs that are spread across surfaces or riding through the air have us all feeling uneasy. So, what steps will you put into place and what messaging will you push outward in order to physically protect the people you serve?

Trust and feelings of being safe have bumped their way to the top of your target client’s priority list when they are considering hiring a photographer. If you want your business to thrive through this pandemic, then it’s imperative that you do NOT sit back and conduct business as usual. Take action, create change, and provide an unmatched level of comfort that will leave people buzzing about you and your photography business!

Help Your Clients Feel More Comfortable During Photo Sessions Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic


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