Infant Wardrobe Essentials

“I feel like there is a lot out there in terms of what gear you need and should register for, but I’m so lost as to what clothing items/sizes I should buy for the baby! I’ve heard they grow out of infant clothes so quickly, so I don’t want to overbuy beyond the essentials. What should I get?” – Elizabeth

Preparing a full closet for your baby when you haven’t even met them yet can be all kinds of confusing. There are so many different options! Various brands sell products made with all different kinds of materials and with various styles and sizing definitions. It is all so overwhelming!

As you continue to nest and build your little one’s wardrobe, let this advice bring you some clarity…

>> Quick side tip: Don’t be too aggressive removing all the tags and immediately washing every single piece of clothing you buy before your little one arrives. Depending on the size of your baby and their growth rate, you may end up making some returns or exchanges after their birth! <<

1 // First things first: Hospital clothing prep!

There may be some estimated measurements taken during your last round of ultrasounds which can give you an idea of what size your baby will be, but you won’t actually know for sure until he or she makes their debut! For this reason, I highly recommend packing a few different clothing sizes into your hospital bag. Each brand has their own measuring methods, so I recommend laying out the clothing side by side and comparing the lengths and widths rather than simply trusting their size labels. Make sure that you have a nice range of pieces. As for what kind of clothing you should pack, I vote for prioritizing comfort. Below is what I had in my hospital bag! 

I urge you to bring along 3 different sizes of each piece; preemie, newborn and 3 months.

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Short-sleeve and long-sleeve onesies Onesies are now going to fill your world. Embrace them, love them, buy as many as you want of them because the spit up is for real and the layering is where it’s at.

Sleepsacks – There are a bunch of different kinds of swaddles out there but I fell in love with the velcro sleepsacks because they let you decide if your babe likes arms in or arms out. We were surprised to find that our daughter preferred arms out right away so it was great to simply adjust our swaddling style, rather than spending more money on a different one!

Beanie – If you’re giving birth in a hospital then they will most likely give you a cute little beanie to warm your little one’s noggin’. If you have a style preference or would rather tuck the hospital beanie into a keepsake bag before heading home, then make sure to pack a backup!

Socks – Got to keep those toes warm and cushy!

Zutano booties – I’m ALL about Zutano booties. This is an item that I recommend buying in all the sizes. You will not have any regret. They are so easy to quickly throw on and beyond comfortable for your baby’s footsies.

Mittens – Avoid any chill!

While your packing clothes, don’t forget to tuck in some extra comfort…

Muslin Swaddle Blanket – Great for a lightweight snuggle.

Posh Plush Baby Blanket – A heavier, fluffier kind of snuggle.

2 // Pajamas are where it’s at.

It’s easy to get excited about filling those drawers with tiny jeggings and mini cable knit sweaters. Your dreams of draping all things fashion on your little boy or girl might quickly evaporate once you return home with your bundle of joy. You will most likely find yourself joining the rest of the new parents around the world living and breathing pajama life all day every day. You’ll want your sweet baby to be as cozy as possible while he or she adapts to their brand new life in your arms.

How many pajamas will you need? Stock up, sister. You’ll most likely be changing those spit-up covered pajamas 2-3 times a day. Welcome to mamahood!

Also, fact: Having your newborn dressed in comfortable pajamas while you’re out in public will always be acceptable. Especially when their pajamas are as adorable as these…

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Footed – Well, first of all, they are just too cute not to buy. But more importantly, they keep your baby’s little piggies nice and warm!

Zippers, buttons & magnets – I think every mama has their own preference. So, here is mine! I like different pajamas at different times. Pajamas with zippers are great for daytime. They allow for a super quick change! Buttons, on the other hand, are perfect for night time! I simply unzip the bottom of my daughter’s sleepsack, then unbutton her pajamas for an easy diaper swap without waking her! Then there are magnetic pajamas. Pure brilliance. They tend to be a bit pricier but the extra budget it worth the ease of use!

Sleepsacks – See my note about sleepsacks above! They are the BEST. Especially with the velcro closure. They make for a quick and safe swaddle without a complicated origami project.

Elastic open bottoms – Great for underneath a sleepsack or on their own in the hot summer time. They allow for immediate access to your little one’s diaper for that midnight change, or for some airflow when the temps are high!

Mittens – Babys’ nails grow fast! In the early weeks you’ll find that their nails are super soft, but as time goes on they will harden up and your little babe will accidentally scratch their beautiful little face from time to time. Mittens are a great way to keep them from getting those sad little boo-boos.

3 // Burp cloths and bibs e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.

Babies thrive on destroying their clothing and any nice fabric you have around your home. They will literally spit-up at the most inconvenient of times and in the direction of your favorite decor or onto your new sweater. It’s what they do. I recommend stocking up on burp cloths and bibs while coming to terms with the fact that they will end up sprawled across every room in your home.

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Burp cloths – Aim for high quality, high absorbency, and a shape that will easily rest on your shoulder!

Bibs – There are so many different kinds of bibs on the market. Again, I feel that absorbency is the first priority. I’ve fallen in love with the bandana style because they soak up the yuck while looking pretty swanky.

4 // Seasonal must-haves.

One minute you’re opening your laptop to bang out some emails, the next you’re getting click happy and checking out the latest baby trends. As you scour the internet and build carts full of baby things, don’t forget about these seasonal must-haves.

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Buntings – If your baby is going to born during the fall or winter months, then you’re going to want a bunting or two. My daughter was born in January when temps were flirting with zero degrees. We bundled her up in her bunting whenever we needed to visit the doctor or run errands. She was snug as a bug!

Hat and mittens – So necessary if you want to keep your little one from getting too cold and uncomfortable!

Sun hat – Block their precious eyes and skin from the blaring sun!

Swimsuit – If you plan to hit the pool or beach, don’t forget to pack a bathing suit that covers more than just your baby’s bum! I suggest you dress them in a suit that has sleeves, long bottoms, and a high SPF rating!



Infant Wardrobe Essentials What to buy for your Growing baby!


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