Returning home from the hospital with my newborn had me feeling all different kinds of emotions and had my brain churning through a whole lot of thoughts. I truly felt so comfortable with my baby, and as though we had known each other forever. But at the same time, I felt like I knew nothing about her. I started to overanalyze every move and noise that she made in a desperate attempt to quickly understand every part of who she was.

But no matter how much I studied my girl, I’d still find myself frantically running through a slew of questions; Was she tired? Hungry? Comfortable? Uncomfortable? Too hot? Too cold? Sad? Happy? Mad?… What did she need? What does she like? What does she want?… Was she crying because of something I did? Something I didn’t do?… Did she feel sick? Did something I ate bother her tummy?… Should I let her nap? Wake her up? Feed her?…

Why wasn’t I figuring this all out fast enough? I’m her Mama after all. I should have all the answers, right?

Wrong. Sometimes being a new Mama is HARD. Like, really hard. The answers aren’t always clear and the inner-mama instincts aren’t always on point. I needed help. I needed an approach that would guide me to better understanding my little girl’s world while potentially introducing a bit of order to it.

That’s when I picked up On Becoming Babywise by Robert Bucknam and Gary Ezzo. It was exactly what I (we) needed! The book focuses on a Parent Directed Feeding (PDF) approach that enables parents to guide their infant’s feedings (along with their sleep and wake times) with a healthy pattern that supports full tummies, active bodies and a whole lot of sound sleep. The book’s recommended response tactics and week-to-week schedules provide parents with a plethora of information to help with any possible bump in the road.

I put the advice to practice one day at a time. With the book’s guidance, I felt more confident in the decisions I was making as a new Mommy and felt more in tune with the needs of my baby. Now at almost 10 weeks old, my girl is eating well, napping hard, sleeping over 8 hours straight a night (and that number of hours is increasing with each night that passes), and is all smiles! We’ve found our Mama and baby groove!

I love this book and the philosophy it presents to parents around the world. I can honestly say that it has had a huge, successful impact on the growth and happiness of our little one while also gifting me back a bit of sleep myself. My regret is that I didn’t read the book before giving birth. I think there would have been some great advantages to learning about the PDF concept prior to becoming a mama. So for you expecting ladies out there, this one is a great night time read as you rub your belly and await the arrival of your greatest love!



Mama Reads vol. I: On Becoming Babywise Motherhood Book Reviews


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