The warm weather is FINALLY starting to surface here in New England which means I’ve got my 2018 June workshop on my mind. I’ve received messages requesting more information about the workshop agenda and content, so here are all the juicy details!

Business Intensive & Photo Skill Workshop

Date: Thursday, June 7th, 2018

Location: Gedney Farm, 34 Hartsville-New Marlborough Rd, New Marlborough, Massachusetts 01230

Price: $1299 … *Payable by cash, check or credit card. Payment plans are availableThis includes one full day of valuable material, a styled shoot, and meals.


8:00 am  Check in with welcome coffee and morning treats!
9:00 am to 12:00 pm  Classroom instruction and lunch
1:00 pm to 5:00 pm  Styled shoot with technique and posing instruction

What will be covered in the classroom instruction portion of the day?

I don’t dance around on fluffy topics. The purpose of this workshop is not to tell you how to make your social media feeds pretty, it’s to actually strategize and develop REAL, effective business plans that will have a positive impact on the growth of your business. My goal is to have you leave my workshop feeling so fired up about turning your photography passion into a full time, profitable business and feeling ready to implement the tactics we discussed.

We get real. And I make sure to remain an open book, happy to answer any questions and tackle any tough battles alongside you!

Here are some examples of what we will cover:

  • Building a strong foundation to support the business growth you long for.
  • How to fully embrace your creative passion and personal uniqueness within your business.
  • Creating a key marketing approach that will successfully turn your ideal clients into REAL clients.
  • The applications, processes, and methods that will establish consistent and efficient business operations.
  • How to form positive, long-lasting client relationships that lead to valuable reviews and future bookings!
  • Branding with intention and how to handle the tough topic of SELLING.
  • Strategic outsourcing, effective networking, and efficient time management skills.
  • Creating your place in a new or saturated market.

Don’t see a desired topic listed here? Message me and I can add it to the agenda!

Will I receive one on one attention about the challenges I’m facing in my business?

It is very important to me that all attendees feel as comfortable as possible during the workshop. We keep it laid back and I work hard to create a vibe that invites everyone to ask questions, share experiences and open up. Of course, if you prefer to chat about something in confidence, then you are more than welcome to pull me aside for further discussion!

How is the classroom instruction structured?

Within one year I went from photographing weddings at $700 each to photographing luxury weddings above $7,000 each. I accomplished this by applying my background in marketing and sales to building a strategic approach to the market, while constantly pushing myself to improve behind the camera. I worked hard, and I worked smart.

When it came time to design the business intensive part of this workshop, I decided to create a workbook that challenges attendees to confront all the areas of their business from a strong, strategic mindset. These workbooks are handed out at the start of the workshop and serve as the foundation for what we will be covering. Attendees fill the books with notes, plans that are customized to their personal and professional goals, and leave with something tangible that they can refer to as they get to work at home.

I am nervous that I am not experienced enough to attend this workshop. Will I feel silly and out of place if I have not yet started my business and don’t really know much about my camera?

I’ve designed this workshop to be helpful to any level of experience. Whether you only recently picked up your camera and decided to create a career, or if you are years into your photography business, this will work for you. The workshop is designed to challenge you individually as we work on each topic.

If you have no plan for your business, this workshop will get you on track and force you to create one. If you have a business you need help mending and want to re-strategize, this workshop will guide you in doing so!

What do I need to bring?

Your unique, beautiful self and an open mind. And don’t forget your photography equipment!

I don’t have much for photography equipment. Will this hold me back and make me feel entirely out of place?

“It is the photographer, not the camera, that is the instrument.” – Ansel Adams

What kind of camera or lens you have in your hand will not matter. At all. The styled shoot is not about the deep technical workings of your equipment. I will share my manual settings as we are shooting, and I’m happy to answer any technical questions, but the main focus of the styled shoot will be about the creativity and methods going on behind the camera. It will be about challenging you to take risks and apply an improved technique.

What will the styled shoot look like?

We will have someone dressed in bridal attire for the styled shoot. I like to keep things natural in color tones, with a very organic aesthetic. In addition to the model bride, we will also have a few other details to photograph such as a tablescape, bouquet, etc.!

I am not a wedding photographer. I photograph newborns and sometimes families. Will this workshop still be a good fit for me?

The topics I will be covering during the styled shoot will be applicable to all kinds of professional portrait photography. We chose to style the shoot in more of a wedding theme because, well, it’s pretty! 🙂


What will you be covering in the styled shoot?

  • How to anticipate and document genuine moments that speak to your clients.
  • Overall photo composition.
  • Challenging yourself creatively while shooting in aperture priority or manual modes.
  • Stepping into your clients’ comfort zones and capturing highly emotional portraits.
  • Why I prefer prompting over posing.
  • Giving direction when you are on a very tight timeline.
  • Bringing forth confidence from your clients.
  • How to photograph details more creatively.
  • Building a plan of action for photographing portraits.
  • Shooting in harsh sunlight and other difficult situations.
  • Leveraging off-camera flash to create timeless photos.
  • Establishing a productive editing workflow.

Don’t see a desired topic listed here? Message me and I can add it to the agenda!

What meals will be included in the day?

We will be providing coffee and snacks in the morning and will be taking a break for a healthy, fresh picnic style lunch together in the early afternoon. We are more than happy to accommodate any food allergies or preferences. You just need to let me know beforehand!

I am coming from far away, will you help with travel recommendations?

I’m so grateful for your long trip and want to make sure you’re well supported throughout the planning process. I’m here and very happy to help! With recommendations about airports, hotels, and transportation, you’ll be good to go!

Interested in hearing what past attendees thought of the workshop? Here are their own words…

“Taking Ashley’s workshop was the shot-in-the-arm my business really needed — she poured herself into us and held nothing back. We covered all aspects of running a business and photographing a wedding on the day-of. Ashley was very attuned to the particular needs of each attendee and recognized that we each had our own journey, strengths, and weaknesses – she eschewed a “one size fits all” approach and really made the workshop about helping each one of us where we needed it most. All of that, AND she is a ton of fun, hilarious and delightful to spend time with. I’m back in my office now with, not just a list of goals, but a real tangible plan for achieving them. I’m very excited to see where my business goes from here and credit Ashley Largesse’s Workshop for helping me over a few humps and motivating me to do the work and get the results. Thanks, Ashley!” – Christina W.

“Coming together with other creatives at the Ashley Largesse Workshop was so wonderful. Not only was there a sense of supportive community, but Ashley was an excellent teacher. She is relatable, hilarious, knowledgeable, and I could tell she was truly invested in me and my wedding photography career. Her workshop was the perfect balance of classroom and hands-on learning, resulting in gorgeous portfolio material, learning, and beautiful memories. I left Ashley’s workshop feeling inspired and encouraged. I would attend this workshop again and again!”  – Jessica F.

“Simply put, the Ashley Largesse workshop changed the way I thought about myself not only as a photographer but as a person as well. It also changed the way I thought about my business. Ashley is a kind person and a generous teacher. She will give honest & helpful critique when needed and she will always be compassionate when giving it. She cares about empowering those who need a little nudge in the right direction. Not only does she give specific advice that is user-friendly and highly applicable, but she also allows herself to open up about her own experience which shows her attendees that yes, it’s possible to make your dreams a career if you work smart enough. She motivates, inspires, and makes you laugh (sometimes even at her expense). The Ashley Largesse Workshop taught me specific ways that I can improve my business and I’m already seeing improvements by working smarter, not harder. Thank you for everything Ashley!” – Mei Lin B.

“Ashley’s workshop was exactly what I needed! I was feeling stuck and uninspired and was beginning to regret my decision to go full-time with my business. Ashley gave me the tools that I needed to get motivated and feel confident moving forward with my passion. Ashley is kind, patient, and was able to cater to all our different needs at once. She took the time to get to know each of us and make sure we all were getting the most out of our time together. Her passion for seeing others succeed is so apparent in her teaching style and amazing energy throughout the workshop. I left feeling so excited to jump head-first into my business. Ashley – you’re a gem and I feel so lucky to have been connected with you! Thank you so so much!” – Sara B.



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