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This unsettling time may have you feeling completely derailed in your career path. With events, sessions, and projects being cancelled or postponed left and right, it seems that your photography gear will continue to collect dust in the closet and bank account will gradually deplete.

You can stay home and keep yourself and loved ones away from the circulating germs. You can sanitize, wear the mask and respect safe space. But other than that, you might be feeling like there’s not a whole lot more you have control over.

Am I spot on? Well, you aren’t alone.

Photographers across the globe are experiencing the same hit to their businesses and are feeling as though their world has been turned upside down.

There is however one other thing that only you control right now . . . your reaction. You have a choice in front of you.

Either you stay still and allow the weight of this pandemic to hold you at a halt in your journey, OR, you make the decision that you will NOT be defeated by this unexpected whirlwind of events but you will instead actively seek out opportunities to grow as a business owner.

I know that if you are pursuing creative entrepreneurship and sharing your love for photography with the world, then your passion is exactly what you need to hold onto right now. If you can remain connected to your burning desire to continue picking up that camera, and you give yourself no choice other than to find the answers, then you will thrive through this.

You don’t have to go at this alone though, that’s for sure. I’m here to extend my hand and bring you onboard a mission to push forward in your business.

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Now, where should you be placing your time, energy, and limited resources in order to ensure your business will soar through and past this crazy time?

I’ll break it down like this . . .

PLACE YOUR HEALTH FIRST | The giant pile of uncertainty that you’re fighting through can truly rattle you mentally and emotionally. So first and foremost, you must focus on your personal wellbeing.

Fact: Your business’ health is directly connected to your own health.

If you want your business to have a standing chance against what’s happening in your market right now, then you have to prioritize your strength.

A lift in your own strength will lead to stronger business decisions. Or, on the flip side, failure to take care of yourself will result in weaker choices and will only deteriorate what you’ve worked so hard to build.

SO, as the person “running the show”, “steering the ship”, however you want to phrase it – it’s all on YOU. Each and every decision stems from YOU.

Acknowledge this and make a solid effort to incorporate your health boosters (exercise, nutrition, therapy, (fill in the blank)) into your must-make-happen-every-day to-do list!

REFINE YOUR MESSAGING | Step into the shoes of your ideal client and wrap your arms around what they are thinking and feeling right now.

How has the pandemic altered their lifestyle? How has this time in history changed their perception of the world? How has this affected their socializing tendencies? Has this changed their view of photography and altered what they desire to receive from a photographer?

Churning forward with the same kind of communication you’ve always expressed throughout your marketing channels is a no-go.

You must identify the new pandemic-driven needs your ideal client has. From there you can reevaluate your brand’s messaging by taking those needs into a deeper account. Once you’ve done your research, then it’s all about serving up tailored solutions!

For example, if you are a family photographer with an ideal client who cares deeply about the safety and wellbeing of their family, but also greatly cherishes their annual family photo, then you’ll want to clearly communicate the the new safety precautions you will be taking in upcoming sessions and events.

Consistently educating your audience, and specifically your ideal clients who are in that audience, about how important their needs are to YOU, is what will differentiate you from their other options!

FORM A STRONG FOUNDATION FOR YOUR MARKETING APPROACH | This is THE time to confirm that you are placing your best foot forward in the way you market your business. I’ll get straight to the point here: There is NO time to waste.

Many photographers reading this post have a hellah lot goin’ on. In addition to trying to keep your business moving froward, you might be juggling three thousand other responsibilities such as taking care of a home, kiddos, pets, an other job, other family members, etc.

Every minute counts. That is, if YOU MAKE each minute count.

How do you do this? How do you make sure you’re successfully extending the reach of your marketing efforts and you’re placing your business in front of your ideal clients in a way that will draw them in to learn more?


  • Step out of your own perspective and into that of your ideal client.
  • Embed a strong overall solution into your representation.
  • Paint a full vision that brings your ideal client’s dream into reality.
  • Effectively align your business with key placement strategies.

P.S. I get a whole lot more specific with my guidance in PIVOT!

INCREASE INQUIRIES BY PRACTICING KEY MARKETING STRATEGIES | This is NOT a time to be lazy. It’s a time to kick yourself in your own toosh and go full steam ahead on a pursuit to find and secure new clients.

If you want to receive more inquiries, then you’re going to have to go FIND them. This means treating each and every expressed interest in your photography as a warm lead. It means STEPPING FORWARD and truly owning the full first impression you allow your business to make.

Enough relying on bossy algorithms or sitting back and waiting for a strike of luck to place your hard work on your ideal client’s radar. Don’t settle for a lack of control in your marketing. Grab the reigns!

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Marketing Your Photography Business During the Coronavirus Pandemic


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