The physical, emotional and mental transitions that occurred while my body was preparing a human for the world was a bit overwhelming for me. With each month came a whole new set of challenges and I’ll be honest, I wasn’t always chipper about it. I spent the last 30 years getting to know my body and although I felt beyond blessed and thankful for this beautiful gift, I’d get a bit grumpy when I couldn’t tie my shoes, or when I’d look down to notice my ankles were eating my feet.

Suddenly I was scouring the internet (but mostly on Amazon Prime because, well, duh) in search of items that would provide me with more comfort and functionality. I was able to find so many helpful products that brought great body and mind healing into my journey.

So, in response to all of the messages I’ve received over the months asking for pregnancy product recommendations, I’m so excited to finally share some of my favorites! And just in time for the holidays!

1 // Bump Boxes

This. Is. Amazing! If you haven’t heard of Bump Boxes, take a look! This company provides a really unique and thoughtful way of spoiling someone with a custom gift box. Each product in the box is handpicked and tailored to which part of pregnancy your loved one is experiencing.

It’s SO exciting to find this box at the door and rush to see what is inside! You can gift a full subscription or shop their individual trimester boxes! They even have a newborn gift box to let a new mommy know you are thinking of them. Love!

2 // Cloya Women’s Maternity Active Capri Pant

I lived in these. Seriously though, I owned 3 pairs and they became my everything. Hanging around at home, dressed up with a sweater and boots (because that’s the extent of my “dressing up”), or onto the treadmill and out to yoga, these were the B-E-S-T. And so reasonably priced compared to other maternity leggings out there.

On a quality note – I washed them constantly and the material never lost it’s color or thinned out like other leggings. Throughout the beginning of my pregnancy, I would wear these as shown in the image above, with the top material piece pulled up and over my bump. Towards the end of my pregnancy, I folded the material under my bump to act as additional support and it was really helpful, especially with relieving pelvic pain.

3 // Leacho Snoogle Total Body Pillow

A MUST have. What I love most about this body pillow is that I was able to use it at different points of my pregnancy to support various parts of my body that needed extra love. For a while I used it to hug my legs around, and then towards the end of my pregnancy, I would line the pillow along my back to add pressure and keep me sleeping on my side (I normally revert to sleeping on my back which isn’t a good idea during pregnancy).

4 // Leather Writing Journal

A friend of mine asked if I could jot down notes throughout my pregnancy – all experiences, challenges, solutions, etc. and share it with her before she jumps on her own pregnant journey. Picking up my journal quickly became routine for me and suddenly, now at the end of my pregnancy, I have a stack full of memories, feelings, and thoughts that capture my whole reality. It’s a little keepsake full of honest, personal experiences that make me laugh, sigh and cry to read back on. So special!

5 // UGG Women’s Ansley Moccasin

Feet get a brutal awakening throughout pregnancy. In a very short span of time, they are expected to handle more weight while still helping you stay balanced in your everchanging bod. My feet would be so sore at the end of the day so I couldn’t just walk around barefoot or in socks. These UGG moccasins gave my throbbing feet the perfect amount of cushioning and comfort. Also, their hard shell bottoms allowed me to pop outside without worrying about switching into other shoes. The laziness was real.

6 // Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter

I tried two other kinds of belly butter before this one. One was too thick so I felt like I was putting shoe wax on my skin, and the other felt more like an oil that would take forever to dry and ruined too many shirts. I was pumped to find Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter because it was the perfect option for me. The consistency wasn’t too thin or thick, it dried quickly and it kept my skin moisturized all day.

7 // UGG Women’s Duffield Robe

I am SO a robe person. When the workday ends, the robe goes on. It’s part of my getting comfy routine and I look forward to it all day, alongside a cup of tea and no electronics. How old did I just make myself sound?

As I started to get bigger, my robes started to get tighter. Suddenly I was on the hunt for something I could order in a larger size that was extra comfy for cuddling up by the fire and melting into the couch. I LOVE my UGG Duffield robe. It looks a little royal with its shawl collar, but whatever, a pregnant woman deserves a little royalty! The inside is lined with a fleece material so it feels like you’re wearing the comfiest of blankets!

8 // Baby Bump Birth Exercise Ball

About three months into my pregnancy I was diagnosed with SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) and started experiencing severe pain on the regular. My doctor recommended a variety of movements and adjustments I could make throughout my day that would help alleviate some of the pressure my belly was causing on my pelvis.

One of those recommendations was using an exercise ball instead of a chair when I am at my computer for hours on end editing and blogging. It helps prevent my pelvis from getting too settled in one place. BEST advice ever. Although the pain didn’t disappear, using the exercise ball absolutely contributed to it feeling less intense. If you or your loved one express some concern about similar pain, then this might be a great addition to the workspace.

9 // Seamless Wire-Free Maternity Bra

Reality – the ladies change during pregnancy. They suddenly become more of a priority and all you want to do is keep them comfortable. I found these seamless wire-free maternity bras that are also great for nursing on the fly. I was all set with my regular hard-cup bras and was thrilled to find these. The material is super soft, they’re easy to adjust and they mimic the style of a sports bra but actually look great under any top.

10 // Basic Seamless Tank Top in Black

MY FAVORITE. I bought a few of these when I first found out I was pregnant and because of their amazing stretchability, they fit me all the way through my pregnancy! The material is very soft and the longer length is awesome for pairing with leggings. I wasn’t into buying a bunch of maternity shirts, so instead, I would throw on these tanks with a normal cardigan or cute jacket and bam – maternity outfit.

11 // Babo Care Breathable Lower Back and Pelvic Support

There are many different options for back and pelvic support. I found this particular belt to be helpful for the day to day wear. It was thin enough so that I could wear it under tops without it being visible, and the high quality of the velcro was ideal for a reliable hold.

12 // Prenatal Vinyasa Yoga DVD

I started practicing prenatal yoga and it was a game changer for so many reasons. First, I finally felt physically capable. There are a lot of restrictions that come up with pregnancy and so my normal workout routines started to feel really difficult. Finding a yoga exercise that was tailored to the changes my body was going through made me feel back on top of my health game.

Also, I didn’t realize how tight my muscles were until feeling the relief that came along with prenatal yoga practice. I personally love Vinyasa, but there are many different videos that provide various kinds of prenatal yoga.

13 // Calming Lavender Bath Salt

Bringing calming practices and products into the day will allow for necessary unwinding and finding some peace in a busy life. I personally really enjoy the scent of lavender and I found that spreading a little safe bath salt into my relaxation time was very soothing.

14 // Hydro Flask Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

When I work, I very often become so focused on the project at hand, that I lose sight of my own health. I can literally photograph an entire wedding day and get to the end of the night to realize I hadn’t eaten or drank a thing. Not good. I quickly realized this was NOT okay while pregnant. I ordered a couple of these hydro flask water bottles and was able to always have hydration by my side. Their insulation is great for keeping your drink extra cool which I loved during the summer months!

15 // Women’s Graduated Compression Socks

Blood clots are no joke. I traveled a lot during my pregnancy so I was stuck sitting in my car or on airplanes pretty regularly. The fear of blood clots got real, especially during the last few months, so throwing on some compression socks and taking little “walk around breaks” helped with blood clot prevention.

16 // A Pea in the Pod Maternity Cardigan

This cardigan was a special treat. I reached a point where a lot of my sweaters and other tops were just too tight and it was starting to make me feel a little bummed. I gifted myself with this maternity cardigan and wore it A LOT. It became a wardrobe staple for me and was perfect to wear both around my home or out and about with friends. I really love the fit on my arms, the overall length, and its waffle-like material.



My Pregnancy Gift Guide


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