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It’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here! I am so excited to announce that The Bridal Portrait Guide is available for you to access today and I’m so excited to share this online learning opportunity with you!

You’ve reached out and asked so many questions about IT ALL – everything from evaluating and leveraging natural light, what camera settings to use and when, experimenting creatively, image composition, confidently directing portrait poses and prompts, and a simplistic post-processing routine that will allow you to place a light and class look on your work.

I’ve heard your requests and passionately compiled all of my solutions to your bridal portrait struggles within The Bridal Portrait Guide.


The wedding photographer who is feeling frustrated, uninspired and in need of a serious boost forward with his or her approach to photographing the bride in all her glory!

I want to help you reach your full potential. I want to offer a fresh perspective, introduce new trains of thought, and open your mind to alternative photography methods.


Here’s a full breakdown of what you can expect to learn . . .

Module I. Create Beautifully Lit Bridal Portraits

We’ll begin The Bridal Portrait Guide with a focus on lighting and honing in on how you can develop excitement about leveraging various lighting conditions instead of sulking in intimidation. I’ll break down how you can easily identify key portrait light both indoors and outdoors.

Module II. Practice Intentional Image Composition

Next, we’ll dive into a lesson on composure. This segment of The Bridal Portrait Guide is dedicated to understanding how you can choose specific camera settings to achieve a desired look. We’ll also discuss a solid set of techniques you can practice to find that perfect angle and build the ideal frame. The information I spill out in this section will help you photograph with far more intention and control as you challenge yourself creatively.

Module III. Capture Elegance and Emotion with Thoughtful Prompts and Poses

You are not only a photographer, but you are also a director. It’s your responsibility to clearly communicate prompts and poses that lead the bride into comfort and confidence. I’ll break down this section into two parts – the first will be all about refined, formal and classic posing. I’ll share how I maximize my time with brides to collect a diverse collection of elegant imagery. From there I’ll move into how you can incorporate strategic movement to create a fun, enjoyable experience for the bride and ultimately enable you to capture her joyful emotions and authentic personality!

Module IV. Editing for a Light & Classic Bridal Portrait

We’ll finish up the course by diving into post-processing. This is when you add your special polish to the images you’ve worked so hard to collect. I’ll introduce a simple workflow using my very own color and b&w presets that will help you add a light and classic edit to your images within Adobe Lightroom. I’m really excited to dive into this particular module because I feel like we as photographers can overcomplicate editing these days. I’d like to reel you back into the thought process of – How can I take my photos to the next level with minimal edits? The less time you spend behind your computer = the more time you can spend behind your camera or with your family and friends!

Oh, and there’s more . . .

I’ve loaded up The Bridal Portrait Guide with bonus downloads to move you from online learning into real-life DOING. You’ll gain access to . . .

+ My Recommended Camera Settings Quick Sheet

+ The Bridal Portrait Practice Plan

+ Bridal Prompting & Posing List

+ Bridal Prompting & Posing Flash Cards

+ The Ultimate 4-Minute Bridal Portrait Shot List

+ My 2 Color Lightroom Editing Presets

+ My 2 B&W Lightroom Editing Presets


I’m opening the doors to The Bridal Portrait Guide at an early bird rate of $297 ($100 off!). This price will be available until midnight (Eastern Time) on Friday, September 20th, 2019!



The Bridal Portrait Guide is NOW AVAILABLE!


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