Since the launch of my new website and blog, I’ve received a bunch of messages from other creative business owners asking about my experience with Showit 5. And I’m here to say – I’m in LOVE people. Showit 5 is a game changer and in my opinion the ultimate tool for website building. Here’s a breakdown of how Showit 5 stole my heart…

1 // USER-FRIENDLY INTERFACE – Gone are the days of me crying at my computer trying to guess and test CSS code for days on end. Showit 5 has done an amazing job at recognizing the strong need in our industry for a flexible, easy to understand website builder that allows us to focus more on creating something truly unique to showcase our businesses, and less on the complicated behind the scenes computing jargon. Some of my favorite features include…

Simple drag and drop – It’s as awesome as it sounds – “drag and drop”. Once you add a piece of text, gallery, video or shape, you can then drag it to where it fits best into your design.

Canvas size and positioning tools – There’s nothing more frustrating than finally creating an element for your website and then having to spend hours focused on its alignment. Is it in the center? Slightly to the right? Is it straight? Crooked? Not anymore! Showit 5 provides perfect alignment with the click of a button. Amen!

SEO settings – SEO lives within our nightmares. It’s all anyone is talking about nowadays and can be totally overwhelming to an entrepreneur drowning in business development. You put all of this effort into creating a strong website, but without proper SEO settings, it becomes really depressing to think that no one will actually find that hard work as they surf the web. The Showit 5 web builder gives you the opportunity to apply an SEO title, description, and keywords to each page living on your website! So simple!

Embedded code integration – Something I’ve always struggled with during website design is that helpless feeling of “I want to add more but I don’t know how”. There would be so many other valuable platforms I wished to bring into my website, but I didn’t have enough coding experience to build those kinds of features. Thankfully with Showit 5, I no longer feel this restricted. Within the builder, there is the ability to easily insert a box that contains embedded code. For example, my newsletter is very important to me. It’s how I reach my most loyal peeps. With the Showit 5 embedded code inserter, I was able to build a custom Mailchimp subscription box to make newsletter sign up a piece of cake for my visitors! Also, I love me some Instagram, so I was ecstatic to utilize the embedded code box to include a clickable Instagram feed at the footer of my website and blog.

2 // TEMPLATES – Although the interface is really easy to learn, it still certainly helps to have a starting point. Showit 5 and other wonderful web designers in the industry have put together a library of amazing templates you can purchase. Or, if the budget is tight, you also have the option of pulling website pieces from the free Showit 5 template library which definitely includes some impressive designs!

3 // SUPPORT – I cannot even begin to explain how annoying I was to this customer support team. Like, I don’t know how they didn’t just cancel my subscription and ask me to exit the internet for life. But no, they remained so patient with my learning curve and provided as much information as possible to help me successfully build the website I was dreaming of. In addition to their team’s live chat support, they’ve also created an abundance of video tutorials that were a HUGE help. Showit has clearly made the success of their users a top priority and it shines through their incredibly welcoming and helpful team who walk beside you through each step of your building process.

4 // MOBILE – Have you taken a good look at your Google Analytics lately? Examine the audience overview section and you’ll most likely find that a high volume of your website and blog visitors are checking you out via their mobile device. That’s life now. We always have our phones on us and prefer to scope out websites and social media pages through the convenience of those little screens. Society is on its way to the jetsons lifestyle and as business owners, it’s critical we keep up with the demands of our target audience. Nothing says “no thanks, go somewhere else” like a mad ugly mobile website. Showit 5 has recognized the importance of mobile site design and prioritized it within their builder. As you add elements to your desktop design, there’s an option to adjust the same elements to fit within the mobile size. It’s THE BEST.

5 // BLOG – My stomach hurts thinking of the aggravation I experienced over the years trying to create a blog that felt cohesive with my website. The list of challenges was a long one. From struggling to do things as simple as match fonts, to coding for hours trying to make the menu bars line up and have a similar look. Honestly, it made me not even want to blog. Showit 5 has really stepped up to the plate and now offers a dream-like solution. You can literally copy and paste features from your website to your blog and vice versa, use all of the same colors, fonts and shapes with the click of a button, and manage both designs right in Showit 5. Their team can help you migrate that design template over into WordPress so that any changes made within Showit will automatically reflect on your blog. Whaaaaaaaat. YES. LOVE!

Head on over to Showit 5 and kick off 2017 with a new website and blog to showcase your work, and make you proud to own your business!



Top 5 Reasons to use Showit 5


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